Swertres Result Today

You could be the lucky person for Swertres Result today. If you want to win and check for the wins today in the 3D lotto, we welcome you to the right place you should be.

Swertres Result Today 13, June 2024

DrawWinning Numbers
2:00 PM9-2-1
5:00 PM6-5-7
9:00 PM0-7-1

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Note: Keep refreshing this page for Draws at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM

Swertres Result Today (Good Luck)

3D Lotto Result today is a Lottery draw announced every day (2 PM, 5 PM, And 9 PM) except holidays (i.e. Christmas Day, New Year’s, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday holiday, And National Election Day).

Swertres Result Today:

What’s so special about Swertres Result Today?? Today, so many are excited and waiting because many people are going to be lucky in Swertres Result Today. People are checking their number results again and again, hoping they will get lucky in Swertres Result Today. This game is not just about luck; it also connects people; they talk about it in cafes, Clubs, and restaurants because of all the sweet promises of Swertres Result Today. It’s not just a game. It’s mostly people’s dreams and hopes connected to Swertres Result Today. As the Swertres Result is announced every day three times, players wait for it. We Wish You Best Of Luck For Swertres Result Today.

Conditions For 3D Lotto/Swertres Result Today Draws:

  • Only players 18 years or older are allowed to play Lotto Games.
  • A ticket to play the Lotto costs 10 Pesos, Including 20% DST ( Documentary Stamp Text)
  • After the Selection of 03 Numbers from 0-9 For a Lucky Pick (LP ), The game can be won if a matching number is in the same order.
  • In standard play, one can win 4,500 pesos.
  • In the Rambolito system, players can win 750 or 1,500 pesos.
  • For Claiming their rewards, Each Player is responsible for verifying information on their ticket, which includes (The Amount, Bet Type, Draw Date, And number chosen).

Swertres Result Yesterday 12, June 2024

DrawWinning Numbers
2:00 PM8-3-7
5:00 PM7-6-0
9:00 PM3-3-2
Swertres Results today good luck

PCSO Lottery Draw

PCSO is a Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, a government entity that creates fundraising in order to raise money for charities, Health programs, and medical Projects. This Lotto program was first introduced on March 8, 1995. In 2013, they changed the name to the Philippine lottery draw. In 2016, it was denounced as the PSCo Lottery Draw. PCSO Lottery draw system is currently hosting 9 Games with different combinations for each mechanism.

Prizes For 3D PCSO Lotto:

For Lotto Draw or Swertres Result, there are different prizes and categories, In which a player can win 4500.00PHP for every 10 you play, or you can increase your winning by playing in The Rambolito Game. By Playing in Rambolito, you can increase your winnings up to 10,000.00 PHP.

Lotto Result Today On YouTube:

For lotto result today also available on YouTube on below given link channel. Swertres Result Today PH

Claiming Prize For Swertres result today:

You can claim your prize below from 20.00PHP to 10,000.00PHP from nearby any authorized PCSO 3d lotto Outlet, OR the Winner can choose to go to the nearest PCSO Lotto Branch Office Philippines

For prizes above 10,000.00PHP, the Winner must go to the nearest PCSO lotto branch office Philippines.

Note: Prizes above 10,000.00PHP will have a 20% deduction as per the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act

For the Jackpot prize, one must go to the PCSO Main Office at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Moreover, PCSO has serious rules for tempting tickets or breaking any rules, As they will not honor this kind of activity, and you can not claim your prize.

Apart from this, If you are that lucky Winner Of Swertres result today, you need to follow the instructions before claiming,

  • Write your name on the back of your winning ticket.
  • Your signature on the back of your winning ticket.
  • Bring 02 Nos copies of valid ID for verification purposes.
  • The prize should be valid before claiming.

PCSO lotto result

PCSO lotto result means Philippines Charity Stakes office lotto Result (PCSO lotto result). PCSO lotto result are announced on PCSO’s official webpage and also on their official facebook page. PCSO lotto result are important for the Philippines’s people as they stake a lot in these games, and lucky people get a lot form these games and from. PCSO lotto result.

Suertres lotto draw

Suertres lotto draw and 3D lotto result today are the same. Suertres lotto draw is held on a daily basis and 3 times a day, which can be seen on PCSO’s official website.

Suertres Result History & Summary 2024

3D LOTTO Swertres previous result, History & Summary June 2024

Date 2 PM Result5 PM Result9 PM ResultJackpot Prize
June 12 20248-3-77-6-03-3-2₱4,500.0
June 11 20244-6-27-8-64-5-0₱4,500.0
June 10 20244-2-66-9-19-3-1₱4,500.0
June 09 20245-7-49-1-71-0-8₱4,500.0
June 08 20245-1-08-5-67-0-9₱4,500.0
June 07 20243-2-08-6-02-7-4₱4,500.0
June 06 20245-1-40-1-00-7-6₱4,500.0
June 05 20249-6-58-0-07-8-7₱4,500.0
June 04 20244-7-20-3-07-2-5₱4,500.0
June 03 20245-8-55-2-07-2-5₱4,500.0
June 02 20242-3-05-8-58-5-7₱4,500.0
June 01 20247-1-10-3-52-8-4₱4,500.0

Suertres Result History & Summary 2024

Swertres E-Lotto

Now PCSO is giving you an E lotto option that will give an advantage of choosing your bet online and you can even claim your prize online. You can download your E lotto by following QR CODE;

E Lotto

How Can You Play 3 Digit Lotto:

For Playing the 3-digit Lotto, as visible as per the name, 3d Lotto can be played by choosing 3 digits from numbers 0-9 for each of the three columns.

If you are being confused and don’t have anything in mind, You can choose the LUCKY PICK method. By choosing lucky picks, the system will randomly generate a three-digit combination for you.

There is another system method called the Rambolito system, In which you will select three digits and the system will generate a possible luck number combination for you.


Pari-mutuel games

  1. Lotto 6/42
  2. Mega Lotto 6/45
  3. Super Lotto 6/49
  4. Grand Lotto 6/55
  5. Ultra Lotto 6/58
  6. 4D Lotto
  7. 6D Lotto

Fixed payout games

  1. 3D Lotto
  2. 2D Lotto

Small Town Lottery games

  1. STL Pares
  2. STL Swer3
  3. STL Swer2

Defunct games

  1. Power Lotto 5-55+1
  2. Bingo Milyonaryo

Note: Live announcements of all the games draws are announced on PCSO OFFICIAL SITE and also broadcast on PTV ( Public Television Network ).

Time For LOTTO Games Draws:

PCSO ( The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office draws 3-digit Swertres at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM daily in the country, Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon.

Checking The Result Of 3 Digit Draw (3D Lotto):

Aside from checking results from (Swertresresultstoday. ph), you can check the results on the PCSO official site(https://www.pcso.gov.ph), and you can also watch your results of 3D Lotto live on PTV, as PTV streams live results of STL so you can watch live swertres results during its broadcasting.

3d result today

Swertres’ result today is also recognised as a 3d result today. As it is written, 3d result today means 3 Digit lotto result; most people playing swertres games search for 3d results today as it is a 3-digit game and players have to choose 3 digits for this game.
3d result today is a popular game in the Philippines, and most people in the Philippines earn or lose a lot of money depending on their luck in 3d results today.

Stl/3d Lotto/Swertres result today Different Names

Swertres result today, its also known by different names i.e 3d result today, stl swertres result today, 3d lotto result today, pcso lotto result today, lotto draw today, swertres lotto result today, 3d hearing today or 3 digit result today,so when you hear any of above mention title of Swertres results don’t get confused by this these all are swertres result today which you can get on Swertres result today.

Well, Most of the time, it’s all about luck; you need to be so lucky to win the swertres Lotto because it all depends on luck, but let me tell you some tips or ways how you can get the jackpot, 

You need to hit all three number combinations. It should be in exact order if you have bet on Straight Play.

For Rambolito Play, you can win even if the numbers on your combination are not in the same order; but for your information, Rambolito Play has a lower winning prize than the Straight Play.

The cost of the Swertres game ticket at every branch of the PCSO lotto is 12 Pesos. And each ticket includes Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)

The prices of 2D (EZ2), 3D (Swertres), 4D, and 6D Lotto tickets went high from 10 Php – 12 Php. While the 6 /42/45/49/55/58 swertres Lotto Tickets increased from 20 Php – 24 Php.

Documentary Stamp Tax is a type of tax collected by the government 20% of each purchased ticket, and it was applied after the passing of the Acceleration and Inclusion Act in 2018.

Mark Below the Swertres combination that you wish to cancel before presenting the bet card at the cashier counter. 

Note: You can only cancel a Swertres ticket before buying it. The terminal will not allow you to 

cancel or void a Swertres combination after confirming your buying.

PSCO cancels the draw or betting on public holidays like Christmas Day, New Year’s, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday holiday, And National Election Day.

You can claim your prize below from 20.00PHP to 10,000.00PHP from nearby any authorized PCSO 3d lotto Outlet, OR the Winner can choose to go to the nearest PCSO Lotto Branch Office

For prizes above 10,000.00PHP, the Winner must go to the nearest PCSO lotto branch office.

Apart from this, If you are that lucky Winner, you need to follow the instructions before claiming,

  • Write your name on the back of your winning ticket.
  • Your signature on the back of your winning ticket.
  • Bring 02 Nos copies of valid ID for verification purposes

It depends on how much you play in the 3D Lotto; for the prize, you will get 4500 Php for every 12 Php ticket or bet. It depends on how much you play. It will increase your winnings.

Winning the Lotto is all about luck. No strategy can guarantee your winning, but you can always be careful while choosing your betting number; choose carefully, and if you want to cancel, do it before buying and confirming your purchase.

In the 3D Lotto, there is a lucky chance of winning 1 in 1000; it means that in every 1000 tickets, there will be one lucky person who will get the big prize.

For Checking authentic swertres result today you must visit the website https://swertresresultstoday.ph/ or you can visit PCSO official website for results.

Live swertres result today can be watched on PTV LIve.

Swertres Result November 2023

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